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NOURISH AND GROW strong, healthy hair with this 100% Natural African Karkar Oil made with Sesame, Beeswax, Neem and Animal Fat.

Karkar is an ancient herbal formulation traditionally used by the women in Chad to prevent hair breakage, and promote hair growth. The healing properties of this hair growth oil enhance follicle and shaft strength, resulting in long tresses. Karkar oil can be used with chebe powder.

The NATURAL INGREDIENTS in this exclusive Karkar Oil aid in moisturizing and lubricating the strands which will deter breakage and promote growth.

Our Karkar Oil is perfect for the scalp and for growing long, black, nourished locks.

• Helps to Increase Hair Strength
• Promotes growth of longer and stronger hair
• Increases Retention of Moisture and Hair Length
• Prevents Excessive Hair Shedding
• Prevents Hair Breakage

Apply on clean, damp hair that is mostly dry (preferably after shampooing/conditioning). Part the hair in tiny sections and apply karkar oil straight on the scalp. Repeat until every part of the scalp is covered. Then apply some more on the remainder of the hair length, paying special attention to the roots and ends. Finally, proceed to your usual hairstyle. You can also apply some extra chebe powder (optional) directly on the hair while styling/braiding.

Ingredients: Sesame oil, Beeswax, Animal Fat, Neem, Ricinus Communis, Lavendula Angustifolia, Natural Herbs & Roots.

Shelf Life: 12 months.