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NOURISH AND GROW strong, healthy hair with this 100% Fertilizer Oil made with Herbal Roots and Extracts.

Our Fertilizer oil is specifically made to prevent hair breakage and to promote hair growth. The healing properties of this hair growth oil enhance follicle and shaft strength, resulting in long tresses. They will also help moisturize and lubricate the hair.

The ANTI-FUNGAL PROPERTIES in this oil will deter bacteria that can lead to female hair loss. It is a hair loss remedy that is crucial to growing long, black, nourished locks.

• Scalp treatment for alopecia
• Promotes growth of longer and stronger hair
• Increases Retention of Moisture and Hair Length
• Prevents Excessive Hair Shedding
• Prevents Hair Breakage

Part the hair in tiny sections and apply the fertilizer oil straight on the scalp. Repeat until every part of the scalp is covered. Then apply some more on the remainder of the hair length, paying special attention to the ends.

Ingredients: Castor oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Soya oil, Vitamin E, Olive oil, Fragrance, Herbal roots & extracts.

Shelf Life: 12 months.