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Firm your beautiful curves with our AKPI oil made with 100% Natural Akpi seeds.

AKPI oil has been used for hundreds of years by African women to enhance their curves. Akpi oil will tighten and give the extra firmness that your buttocks - gluteal muscles (glutes), hips, and boobs need. 

Akpi/Djansang Oil is extracted from the seeds of Ricinodendron heudelotii which comes from a tree native to the tropical forest of Central and West Africa, that is rich in vitamins EBD B9 Omega 3 reduces cholesterol Antioxidants against aging of the skin. It is mainly used as a taste enhancer in the African cuisine of some tribes.

Akpi/Djansang Oil contains natural, bio, cold-pressed Akpi seeds, producing a strong oil with many significant uses. A natural seed oil that helps to tighten and firm buttocks, hips, and breasts. This oil should be used to firm the curves without needing surgery. It acts on the mammary glands and has a plumping effect on the chest and natural curves.

• Works in six to eight weeks
• No side effects
• No need for surgery. Akpi oil has several benefits on the body as it contains natural sterols which participate in the production of collagen. This will promote muscle growth and strengthen the volume of some parts of the body. This oil is perfect for the loss of firmness & elasticity.

At LINDYCOSMETICS, we extract the oil from the akpi seeds then leave the extracted oil to infuse some more in the akpi paste. You will notice some of the paste in the oil for extra strength.

Shake well before use for a creamier consistency. Massage the targeted areas thoroughly for at least 5 minutes. This akpi oil should be applied twice daily. If you wish to use this product for enhancements, please make sure to exfoliate the desired areas twice daily.

Type of Skin:
Dry, Sensitive, Normal, Oily.

Ingredients: Akpi (also called DJANSANG / NJANGSA), Vitamin E.

Shelf Life: 12 months.