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Our BATANA oil is extracted from the Palm Kernel Nuts.

It comes in 2 colours: Black and white. The difference in the colour comes from the extraction process. The oil extracted via the cold press method is white or clear, while the traditional heating method produces the dark brown coloured oil. Although it is commonly referred to as an oil, it is usually solid at room temperature, more like a butter. The melting point is 36C- 38C.

Palm kernel oil is one of the most extensively used natural oils in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It has been used for various health care benefits for more than fifty years.

Palm Kernel Oil is used on both the skin and hair. It is an emollient, skin conditioner on one part and repairs damaged hair / encourages thick, shiny hair on the other. 

Apart from being an anti-aging agent, palm kernel oil helps in making the skin soft without the skin getting greasy in appearance. Providing comprehensive benefits that are often overlooked, palm kernel oil helps in combating itchy skin, as well as providing relief to ragged cuticles.

Our Batana oil is specifically designed to prevent hair breakage and to promote hair growth. The healing properties of this hair growth oil enhance follicle and shaft strength, resulting in long tresses. They will also help moisturize and lubricate the hair.

Palm Kernel oil is extracted from the palm seed of the tree and not the palm fruit.

• Repair, Revive & Rebalance the skin 
• Fully soothe and hydrate the skin
• Transform dull, flat, dry hair into thick shiny, luscious locks
• Increases Retention of Moisture and Hair Length
• Prevents Hair Breakage

Apply directly on skin as part of your hydratation routine, preferably on damp skin after the shower. On hair, apply Batana oil straight on the scalp. Part the hair and repeat until every part of the scalp is covered. Then apply some more on the remainder of the hair length, paying special attention to the ends.

Ingredients: Elaeis Guineensis (Palm Kernel Oil), Vitamin E.

Shelf Life: 12 months.