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Say hello to our amazing LIP KITS! They are fast and effective in lightening / brightening dark lips to a lighter shade, giving them a natural pink colour.
Our unique formulas are great for those suffering from dry, flaked and chapped lips, for smokers who suffer from dark lips over time and for anyone wanting fairer lighter lips.

The KITS include :

- TURMERIC KIT - Turmeric Brightening Lip Scrub (20g / 0.70 fl.0z), Turmeric Lip oil (2.5ml / 0.09 fl.0z), Exfoliating Lip Brush, Mini Lip Spoon.

- BEETROOT KIT - Beetroot Brightening Lip Scrub (20g / 0.70 fl.0z), Beetroot Lip oil (2.5ml / 0.09 fl.0z), Exfoliating Lip Brush, Mini Lip Spoon.

Our LIP KITS are used to help remove/fade dark spots on the lips. They are also used to soothe dry skin and dry skin conditions while helping treat pigmentation and restore natural pink lips! 

We always recommend to DO A PATCH TEST when using a product for the first time. Some individuals react differently to blends. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs, especially if you are prone to skin allergies.

Wet your lips then use our Mini Spoon to pick the turmeric/beetroot scrub (as they may stain). Gently rub the scrub on your lips in small circular motion with our Lip Exfoliator Brush.
After removing the dead skin, apply more turmeric/beetroot scrub as a lip mask and leave it on the lips for 5 minutes.
Rinse off and moisturise with our turmeric/beetroot LIP OIL.
Use 3 times a week. 
Use a SPF on your lips while using the scrub so the sun doesn't darken your lightened lips. Keep scrub directly away from the sun.

Turmeric/Beetroot may Stain, it is advised to use carefully.
Do not scrub too hard. Our scrubs are naturally designed to remove dead cells even by rubbing softly.

Shelf Life: 12 months.